Central American women seeking refuge from abuse

By Pamela Constable
Washington Post

*Content warning: violence against women*

One woman described being raped, strangled and bashed against a wall by the father of her twin boys. Two teenagers said they were forced to become sex slaves for gang members. A young mother was severely beaten by her ex-boyfriend and obtained a court order against him, but gang members broke into her house and destroyed it.

State Department budget calls Central America a top priority

By Franco Ordoñez

While destroying the Islamic State remains the State Department’s top priority in President Barack Obama’s new budget request for 2017, curbing illegal immigration from Central America has become a major priority, on par with with countering Russian aggression.

How The Flint Water Crisis Is Impacting Undocumented Immigrants

"Undocumented immigrants facing the water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan may be too scared to go to the water distribution centers because they may not be able to produce proper identification, according to a local ABC affiliate. Lucia, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who came to the country 23 years ago, has lived in Flint for over a decade. She told ABC that she has been buying bottled water, but that she is too afraid to access the water distribution centers set up around the city for residents. “I got close to see what they were giving out, and it was water.


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