Torture and Death in Syrian Prisons

In a recently published report by Amnesty International, it has been discovered that at least 17,723 people have died in custody in Syrian prisons since March 2011. This, the article states, is around “300 deaths per month” - not counting the much larger reality of all those people who have been abducted or are “missing”.

A Culture of Violence

The death penalty is arguably wrong on the basis that it goes against a fundamental human rights principle enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and that is the right to life. The death penalty could also be considered a form of torture, another right [to live a life free from torture] that is enshrined in the UDHR in 1948. Yet across the world, and across the United States, the death penalty is continually used as a form of punishment, and of justice.

Wartime Rape: The Path of Justice for Victims

Rape has been endemic in war for centuries, used as an instrument of torture, humiliation and control against both men and women. Brutalised, these victims often suffer not only personal violation and trauma, but also stigmatisation and rejection from their communities, families and society as a result. Individuals borne from rape similarly suffer in many countries from Europe to Africa. For the first time, the International Criminal Court has indicted an individual Congolese warlord for the widespread rapes that were committed by his soldiers.

U.S. Human Rights Report Condemns Abuses Abroad

On Wednesday, the State Department released its annual report of human rights around the globe. The report claims that human rights conditions are worsening in countries such as Russia and China, where repression of dissidents, journalists, protestors, and religious minorities is rising. The State Department also emphasized the critical nature of the human rights situation in the Middle East, pointing to Syria as an example of the consequences of human rights violations.


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