Australia, Papua New Guinea Agree To Close Refugee Detention Camp


 A widely criticized refugee detention camp in Australia is going to be shut down. Australia has a very strict rule of refugee policy: even refugees that are qualified for asylum will never be allowed to settle in the country. Instead, arriving refugees or migrants will be sent to detention centers with extreme bad conditions and both physical and psychological torture. Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says his country plans to relocate the detained asylum-seekers elsewhere in Papua New Guinea or else send them back to their countries of origin, the AP reports. Dutton says they will not be transferred back to Australia.      Before we consider how many refugees should a country receive, we should also hold concern about the living conditions of refugees. If the living environment can have extreme damage to refugees, we ought to reconsider whether a country should detain them or find a better solution. It is important for human rights organizations to help ensure the safety of refugees. Providing a shelter without good enough life guarantee might even cause worse consequences.  

Date Published: 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



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