Chinese government sources admit forced abortion continues under two-child policy

China abandons the One-Child Policy.”  The Chinese government has already announced that China has moved towards the Two-Child policy, giving the misleading impression that all coercive population control had ceased.  A close analysis of several reports coming out of China, however, demonstrates that Chinese government sources themselves inadvertently have admitted that forced abortion continues under the Two-Child Policy. That is to say that forced abortion still remains in this new coming policy. 

 I don't think that government should interfere with forced abortion or limiting the third child. It is the freedom and right of women to control their body. Besides, this forcible abortion policy increases the burden of women both domestically and economically. Some women will choose abort their second child because they are afraid of losing jobs.  Women can be forced to abort by physical or financial coercion. 

Date Published: 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



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