Honour killing

On Jul.30, there was another extremely cruel honour killing happened in Punjab, Pakistan. 35 year-old NazirHussid killed both sisters of his before the day they were going to get married with their fiances because he thought it will be better for them to marry 2 decent distant relatives.

In fact, there are 1000 females killed in the so-called honour killing in Pakistan every year, and 5000 female die in honour killing all around the world each year. And just one week before this case, a couple were also threated by family members of the female involved in this case, who then ended up dead in this honour killing.

Simillar cases are happening all the time, and homicide conducted simply because the out-of-date stereotype of marriage and tradition has nothing to do with honour but discrimination and humiliation. Though there are still a lot of things need to be done to eliminate discrimination of female, as what Ban Ki-moon said: "gender equity is progress of the world."

Date Published: 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016




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