Indian Military Violence in Kashmir Rises

In this article, a journalist from Kashmir, Gowhar Geelani, relays his experiences in the currently ongoing curfew placed in Kashmir. It has been over 7 weeks since the strict curfew was placed, and the situation appears to be dire, with fear as the general norm in lifestyle.


On 9th July, young activist and leader of an anti-Indian occupation movement, Burhan Wani was killed by Indian security forces. This led to civil unrest and violence between civilian protestors and the Indian military, which resulted in a curfew being placed on the region on 15th July. Over 3000 people, mostly the youth, have been gravely injured and over 70 people have died since.


Geelani mentions the generous use of pellets and indiscriminate firing by the Indian security forces which have bred fear in Kashmir and blinded a huge population of protesters. Supplies are running low, and children who have grown up in these times have known little other than occupation and fear. Internet and mobile services have been on lockdown, and all forms of protests are met with militarized weapons.

Despite the long history of occupation and violence in the region, the international community remains ominously unaware, or silent about this ongoing issue.

Date Published: 

Sunday, September 4, 2016



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