Prisons in Norway


Above are the links to an article and a video that compare the conditions in Norway prisons to prisons in the US and their effects on prisoners from both countries. 

New, high-security prisons in Norway are being built in a way so as to re-create a normal living space for the inmates. Not only does it have the common living space facilities such as a bed, a bathroom with a commode and a television, but also offers art and music facilites, along with many others.

The article shows how the concept of "restorative justice" is followed in these prisonswhich emphasizes on correcting the criminals rather than punishing them for their crimes.

Not only does Norway have a much lower crime rate but the percentage of prisoners that return to prison is 20%, as compared to the US, where 76.6% of the inmates return to prison after 5 years.

Norway's system of criminal justice has taken a new path, by breaking out of the common trend of cruel prison systems, and so far it is turning out to be successful. Supporters also argue for the economic viability of this system by saying that it saves a lot of money that is otherwise spent on rehabilation of prisoners.




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