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Human Rights History, Principles, Concepts

Mistreatment of “The Black Body” in Contemporary U.S. Society
Posted by Daniel Bush on 04/09/2017 - 23:01

Race and Human RightsMarch 2017Group 3Katrin Link, Martina Oles, Christoph Radtke


Race and racism are still considered key features in today’s American society. For some people, it is an ongoing issue since the abolition of slavery, yet others label American society as post-racial. Nevertheless, African Americans in great parts still experience discrimination on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the treatment of “the black body” and its impact on societal structures. The following essay attempts to shed light on the injustices that... Read More

Syrian Newborn Refugees and the Dilemma of Statelessness
Posted by Daniel Bush on 04/09/2017 - 22:58

Syrian Newborn Refugees and the Dilemma of Statelessness

History repeats itself. Again, the Western Hemisphere, particularly Europe, is facing a refugee crisis. These days around 65 million people, even more than after World War II, are fleeing their homes, seeking a new life (“Figures at a glance”). Some within their own country, but also a considerable amount abroad, are following a dangerous path to the sweet (but mostly untrue) promises of the West. Due to the cruel civil war in Syria, millions are fleeing their country, heading for a new home. Right now,... Read More

The Rise of Populism in the Twenty-First Century: The Czech Republic, Germany, and the United States
Posted by Daniel Bush on 04/09/2017 - 22:51

Race and Human RightsMarch 2017Group 4Bruno Summerer, Brittany Oaks, Sara Repplinger, Pascal Roth, Miriam Ricanova, Aine Josephine Mary Tyrrell

The Rise of Populism in the Twenty-First Century: The Czech Republic, Germany, and the United States


‘Populism’ has become a buzzword in the twenty-first century. But what is populism exactly, and why is it important today? In this paper, we take a close look at how populism is defined. We then turn to three case studies of right-wing populism as it is currently playing out in the Czech Republic, Germany, and... Read More

Death Penalty and Systemic Racism
Posted by Daniel Bush on 04/09/2017 - 22:48

Death penalty and systematic racism

"We simply cannot say we live in a country that offers equal justice to all Americans when racial disparities plague the system by which our society imposes the ultimate punishment." --Senator Russ Feingold on Civil Rights as a Priority for the 108th Congress, Senate, January 2003


Mass incarceration has recently become a topic in the media when the documentary 13th, that was nominated for an Oscar, was released. The film showed the connection between color and the likelihood of incarceration and revealed possible... Read More

Xenophobia in the times of new right-wing populism
Posted by Daniel Bush on 04/09/2017 - 22:43

Throughout the history of mankind, the “foreign” has always frightened people. Unknown and different approaches to life including culture, language, appearance and traditions were often seen as a threat or evil. Hence “foreigners” have always been encountered with prejudice and hate. They were often blamed for otherwise inexplicable phenomena, problems and grievances. Especially in times of social and economic hardships, the “foreign” easily becomes a... Read More

Posted by Sana R. Gondal on 09/19/2016 - 02:05

A protest of incredible and historical scale is happening near Cannonball, North Dakota. Thousands of Native Americans have gathered at the Standing Rock preservation in camps to protest the building of the $4 billion Bakken Pipeline. Considered the largest gathering in over a 100 years, this one includes members from 280 indigenous tribes. They have travelled from all across America to protest the building of the oil pipeline which will run through Dakota, crossing hundreds of waterways down to the Midwest. The pipeline will also weave its way through many sacred sites, and any one... Read More

Posted by Sana R. Gondal on 09/08/2016 - 02:44

In a recently published report by Amnesty International, it has been discovered that at least 17,723 people have died in custody in Syrian prisons since March 2011. This, the article states, is around “300 deaths per month” - not counting the much larger reality of all those people who have been abducted or are “missing”.

Reports of torture in the Saydnaya Military Prison vary from instances of prisoners being kept in cells with dead bodies, or detained in cells where women were raped right next to them by armed guards. Personal accounts of survivors fill the article with details... Read More

Man Shot by Anti-Arab Neighbor
Posted by Grace Harlan on 08/16/2016 - 10:19

In Tulsa, a Muslim-American man was shot and killed by his neighbor. Horrifyingly enough, this was not the first time the family experienced such run-ins with this neighbor. Earlier, he had ran over another family member with his car, causing her to end up in critical condition in the hospital. Reportedly, he called the family names, stating, "You dirty Arabs, get out of here." 

While this neighbor, Stanely Majors, was arrested for the hit and run, a judge allowed his releasment until trial in March 2017. He was without probation, drug tests, or trackers, back right next to the... Read More

GMO Mosquito - A violation of human rights?
Posted by ejbentley on 08/16/2016 - 08:13

For the last five years, the biotechnology company Oxitec has been developing a plan to experimentally release GMO mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, which scientists hope could eventually impede the spread of the Zika virus. However, there has been much community uproar in the Keys due to a perceived violation of human rights. 

As a community member states: “It’s about human rights – this can’t be pushed down our throats without consent,” said De Mier, who views her mission as helping mould policy on genetically modified animals for the country.

If this trial works – the... Read More

Nauru: Australia's asylum seeker prison
Posted by ejbentley on 08/12/2016 - 19:52

“Assaults, sexual abuse, self-harm, inhuman conditions – over 2,000 newly leaked reports paint a sordid picture of Australia’s offshore refugee detention operations on the Pacific island of Nauru.” By forcibly transferring refugees and people seeking asylum to Nauru, detaining them for prolonged periods in inhuman conditions, denying them appropriate medical care, and in other ways structuring its operations so that many experience a serious degradation of their mental health, the Australian government has violated the rights to be free from torture and other ill-treatment, and from... Read More


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