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Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story

The Johnson chapter on spatial entitlement described how neighborhoods have been destroyed and reorganized to support racial hierarchies. Included is the story of the displacement of the Chavez Ravine community in Los Angeles in the early 1950s.  Chavez Ravine was a “self-sufficient” Mexican-American community.  However, over seven thousand families were removed from their houses through the power of eminent domain and the Federal Housing Act of 1949.  Many residents resisted but  were forced out by LAPD.  According to Johnson, houses were set on fire by the fire department.

Black Panthers in the NYTimes

I'm curious to hear what people think about this 7 minute documentary about the Black Panthers in the NY Times.  The Panthers were a huge source of inspiration for my mentors in the Asian American movement.


Eradicating capital punishment

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     This article gives a brief summary of contemporary lethal injection procedures around the United States, with particular attention to botched executions in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Ohio. The problem with lethal injections arises in part from Europe's refusing to supply the United States with such lethal drugs and in part from America's supposed invariable acceptance of the death penalty. As accomplished capital punishment abolitionist Bryan Stevenson has held, “we don’t rape rapists, because we think about the person who would have to commit the rape.

Death Penalty and Systemic Racism

Death penalty and systematic racism

"We simply cannot say we live in a country that offers equal justice to all Americans when racial disparities plague the system by which our society imposes the ultimate punishment." --Senator Russ Feingold on Civil Rights as a Priority for the 108th Congress, Senate, January 2003


Hate Crime Against the Transgender Community


Recently, Joshua Vallum faces a life sentence for murdering a transgender woman in 2015. Although Mississippi does not include gender identity in its hate crimes law, the criminal is still severely charged and fined. This signifies an improvement of the protection for the people in the LGBTQ community. We should go against the discrimination and mistreatments of the LGBTQ by promoting more just legislations. Therefore, people can be treated equally no matter what their sexual orientations and gender identities are.


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