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77 Palestinians Displaced by Home Demolitions

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Check out this article, which covered the destruction of Palestininan homes in the West Bank this past week. The action, by Israel, has been deemed "illegal and unfair" by the United Nations. Curious to see how people are able to connect this to various other things happening here in the States, especially after #ReclaimMLK last weekend. All of these acts of oppression are relevant to one another, and I think it's important to keep questioning and reminding ourselves how and why.


Teenager Executed in Iran for Homosexual Rape

Last month, it was revealed that a 17-year-old male was executed in Iran for the rape of another male. The execution directly violated standards laid out by the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which Iran was a signatory. The Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children under the age of 18 should not face the death penalty under any circumstances. Under Iran law, homosexuality is illegal and perpetrators of homosexual acts can face the death penalty. In addition to this, homosexual acts are treated as rape and nonconsensual.

The Detention of Human Rights Lawyers in China

On August 1, 2016, a prominent human rights lawyer in China was released almost a year after being formally arrested by Chinese officials and subsequently imprisoned. As a proponent of the growing human rights movement in China, Wang Yu has represented advocates for China's Uyghur ethnic minority and feminist groups. In January of this year, Wang was accused of "subverting state power", with her husband also accused of similar charges.

Are Human Rights truly 'inalienable' in the 21st Century?


In writing, 'The Decline of the Nation-State and the End of the Rights of Man,' Hannah Arendt purports the notion that human rights are not simply a human precondition based on the right to have rights, but instead a property of nation states. Thus nation-states endowed their respective members with these so-called 'inalienable' rights, and the right of a nation to have its own state seemed to overcome or overwhelm individuals claiming human rights themselves.

Turkey Accused of Firing at Syrian Refugees

Yesterday, the Turkish government denied accusations that Turkish border guards had fired on Syrian refugees in the "safe zone" between Aleppo and the Turkish border. According to Human Rights Watch, a displaced Syrian reported that guards had fired on hundreds of people running from ISIS toward the border walls. Over the past year, Turkey has tightened its borders, building a three-meter high wall to close off the safe zone on the Syrian side of the border. Some claim that this has resulted in Syrians being pushed back into a war zone. 


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