Gentrification Crisis in EPA

Like many cities in the Bay and across the nation, East Palo Alto is being squeezed by the process of gentrification. Many people argue that this is a "natural" market process, but they are failing to consider the displacement of working-class families and the ethnically diverse culture that will be lost with it. Here is a link to the Stanford Daily article that urges Stanford students to take action to help EPA fight back: Also, here is a link to the documentary on the history of EPA: Lastly, here is a wonderful article (recommended by EPA Youth United for Community Action director) that captures the racially discriminatory housing policies (redlining, blockbusting, etc.) that led to the creation of places like EPA. housing crisis is especially dire in states like California where affordable housing is becoming more and more scarse for the middle and lower class. We can see this process play out with the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park potential closure in Palo Alto as well. and


  • Corporations
  • displacement
  • Ethics
  • Housing Rights
  • Human rights
  • Inequality
  • Injustice
  • Multiculturalism
  • racial disparities