Trump seeks to limit Muslim Immigration, claims Islam a threat to women

Donald Trump, the candidate chosen by the Republican party of the United States, reiterated his plans to limit the immigration of Muslims to the United States, on the grounds of Islam being dangerous to American Women. Citing cases such as honor killings in Pakistan and an Iraqi immigrant who murdered his own daughter because she was too 'westernized', Trump wants to solidify his claim that Islam and women don't mix. Here Trump uses threat against women to brand Islam as dangerous, to brand them as the 'other', a barbaric, inferior culture that has no place in America. This 'tactic' of using the 'threat against our women' to brand outsiders as dangerous has been used onced before against African Americans, who were seen as rapists who target white women, and at that time, it was true that there were black rapists, but it wasn't true that there were only black rapists. The same can be said of Trump here: While it is true that there are Muslims who have committed violence against women, it does not seem fair to label a whole culture based on the acts of a handful. 


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Tuesday, August 16, 2016



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