"On Israel-Palestine and BDS" by Noam Chomsky

I found this article to be very informative and thought-provoking, especially from my perspective as a nascent activist. Chomsky gives historical background on some international efforts to stop the prolonged and ongoing colonization of Palestine by Israel.

New York Times: "Israel Steps Up Offensive with Deadly Gaza Bombings"

Ethiopian-Israelis Forcibly Given Birth Control Without Full Disclosure

Debates and News Articles Surrounding Gaza, 2014

There was a Forbes Article that came out in January of 2013 that fellow resident had posted, which mentioned how amongst the 130,000 Ethiopian-Israelis in the country, a large portion of the female population of that group was forcibly given contraceptives. In the review URL below about a documentary surrounding the issue, It was mentioned that Depo-Provera was either forced or taken by Ethiopian-Israeli citizens after opportunity depriving coercion.

Different Narratives, Different Motivations

Debates and News Articles Surrounding Gaza, 2014

With our viewing of Occupation 101: Voice of the Silenced Majority, we were exposed to a different narrative of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory than the one usually represented in mainstream media. Through facts represented in this film, we see clear and pressing human rights violations incurred daily upon the Palestinain people. However, many still claim differring narratives of the conflict, particularly when talks of divestment from companies come up.

An Open Letter from Al-Haq to the Media on “Operation Protective Edge”

This article is useful for its claims about how alleged human rights violations are covered up by the way the events are portrayed in the media. 

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