Stanford University's Fundamental Standard

The Fundamental Standard of Stanford University was created by the university's first president, David Starr Jordan, in 1896.

Killed by Cops

I am creating this page to collect helpful resources about the extrajudicial killing of people by cops in the U.S. The FBI only reports "justifiable" killings which means the many killings like Mike Brown and Eric Garner don't count. It doesn't make sense that the state does not make this information readily available. Even journalist, whose role should be to provide voices for the voiceless and hold institutions accountable, are being barred out from this vital information. If law enforcement is here to protect and serve, there should be no problem releasing that information.

Water Rights

Here are two articles about the current situation in Detroit, in which the municipality is turning off the water of hundreds of thousands of people who are in arrears in their payments.  One article is from the US-based online journal, Slate; the other from UK-based The Guardian.  After you read thes

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