Eradicating capital punishment

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     This article gives a brief summary of contemporary lethal injection procedures around the United States, with particular attention to botched executions in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Ohio. The problem with lethal injections arises in part from Europe's refusing to supply the United States with such lethal drugs and in part from America's supposed invariable acceptance of the death penalty. As accomplished capital punishment abolitionist Bryan Stevenson has held, “we don’t rape rapists, because we think about the person who would have to commit the rape.

Readings on Intersectionality

This selection on Free PDF books on race, gender, sexuality, class and culture is a great resource to compement our human rights research both within the U.S. and global contexts.

Gentrification Crisis in EPA

Like many cities in the Bay and across the nation, East Palo Alto is being squeezed by the process of gentrification. Many people argue that this is a "natural" market process, but they are failing to consider the displacement of working-class families and the ethnically diverse culture that will be lost with it.

Teaching Human Rights in High School (and Below)

The Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility has a series of lessons focused around current justice and human rights issues, accessible at Recent lesson topics include #BlackLivesMatter, #JeSuisCharlie, and more.

The International Human Rights Movement: Assessing its History, Work and Current Challenges

In the space of sixty five years, human rights advocates have transformed a marginal utopian ideal into a central element of global discourse, if not practice.  This course examines the actors and organizations behind this remarkable development as well as the vast challenges faced by advocates.  What are the main challenges and dilemmas facing those engaged in rights promotion and defense? What are the origins of the human rights movement and where is it headed?  What does it mean to be a human rights activist?

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