Republicans block climate action as Louisiana floods rage

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Rauf Yoel Ariti
Republicans block climate action as Louisiana floods rage

The recent floods in Louisiana are unprecedented in every aspect. With 13 dead and over 40 000 households affected, they are the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, and are only going to get worse. According to the Natural Academy of Sciences report, extreme flooding can be directly traced back to human-induced global warming. As the athmospehere warms up, it retains more moisture and leads to bouts of sustained, heavy precipitation that can cause floods.  

There is an almost complete consensus on the science behind human-induced climate change. The consequences of it are in plain sight, not in Antarctica but in our own backyard of Louisiana. Yet for all that, Republicans in the House and the Senate still blind themselves to climate change and espouse the benefits of "energy independence". That independence means nothing when we disregard the most fundamental human rights of all, the right to life and housing, from victims of such human-induced natural disasters.


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