Tinsley Program- East Palo Alto School District

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Kailee Johnson
Tinsley Program- East Palo Alto School District

As we talked about a little bit in our group project proposal, the East Palo Alto School District is pretty much non existant. Kids from East Palo Alto are bused into Palo Alto Schools every day in what they call the Tinsley Program. The idea itself is a novel one, bring the poor kids out of their bad schools and let them come to our great rich schools so they get a good education as well. But it seems that the execution of the program is really failing. Kids on both sides of the system feel cheated. Parents of Palo Alto students don't like that the primary language in some classrooms is becoming Spanish, or that the kids from East Palo Alto are "exposing" their children to new things like different foods or socioeconomic backgrounds. The East Palo Alto kids that come in are placed in a hard situation from day one. The only bus system that runs through Palo Alto is the Tinsley program so automatically the kids on the bus are labeled and seen in a different light, some of the classrooms only have a couple Tinsley students in them so they are automatically isolated, often they are the only students that get subsidized school lunches while everyone else brings a packed lunch, the list goes on and on. How could the program be executed better? Or is the idea itself flaued? Is there a way to make all students and parents feel good about their education? 


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