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Privatization of Water
"As global human rights activists it is up to us to end the global corporate malevolence and malfeasance from further damaging and afflicting our planet like never before. With the recent formal finding that Americans no longer live in a democracy but an oligarchy, as if we did not already painfully know, it becomes even more “formally” imperative now that we as ordinary citizens of the world... Read more
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Elections in Germany
Today there are elections in three different regions in Germany: Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saxony-Anhalt. There is a very dreadful trend towards the right-winged parties, since a lot of people fear the masses of refugees from Syria and other Eastern countries. The article states how meaningful these elections are, because "together [these states] have 17 million of Germany's... Read more
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Amnesty International accuses governments in Latin America of dangerous levels of discrimination against women by restricting contraception and abortion
Through the epidemic of the Zika virus in Latin America, attention is drawn to Central and South America's healthcare systems, especiall concerning restrictions on contraception and abortion. Most pregnancies in the affected countries are not planned, yet governments advise to avoid getting pregnant as "the risks posed by the Zika virus was irresponsible and failed to recognise the realities of... Read more
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Majority of refugee women traumatised by violence
The article talks about a major issue that many of the asylum seekers on the Balkan route are facing with and is rarely depicted by the media. Women refugees in particular, who are either single or with children are frequently the subject of violence and sexual abuse, either by other male refugees or security personal. With EU failing to find practical and efficient solutions to administrate the... Read more
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"The Hate Preachers: Inside Germany´s Dangerous New Populist Party"
The article „The Hate Preachers: Inside Germany´s Dangerous New Populist Party” deals with the aspiring right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD) and its rising popularity in Germany. The party benefits from the rising dissatisfaction among the population concerning the refugee crisis and stirs up hatred against immigrants. It serves as the allegedly only medium for people to cast a... Read more
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What's Wrong with Saxony? A Search for the Roots of Fear and Racism
The newspaper article is reflecting the current situation in Germany quite accurately. Particularly in Saxony the situation is heating up. Pegida marches and anti-immigrant attacks are daily headlines in the news of Germany. The image is showing an alarming but not uncommon scene in Saxony. Demonstrators are waving Pegida flags and holding a sign on which is written NAZI, Nicht An Zuwanderern... Read more
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Venezuela and the Rule of Law
This article released on the Oxford Human Rights Hub gives a well-researched account of the disastrous state of the Venezuelan economy. What's even more important it sheds light on the root of this issue. Venezuelans find it increasingly difficult to get access to even basic goods, and - through a virtual non-existence of the law - are being robbed of basic human rights. Any opposition - be... Read more
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The Right to a Clean Environment Comes at the Right to Life This first article, published last year, reveals a depressing statistic: "More people were killed in Honduras per capita than any other country for each of the last five years as a result of their efforts to defend land and the environment". Activists trying to protect... Read more
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Refugee Crisis in Germany
The article "Europe Refugee Crisis In Germany: Berlin ‘Losing Sight Of Human Rights", by Lydia Tomkiw deals with the refugee crisis and the high entry into Germany. Since our Chancellor Angela Merkel still represents "open-arms refugee policy", assaults on refugee shelters continue to increase: right-wing extremists and racists set whole refugee houses alight, stirring up hatred and violence... Read more
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