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Private Prisons in the United States
After an undercover investigation into American private prisons, Mother Jones journalist Shane Bauer reported on what he saw in the Correction Corporation of America's (CCA's) Winn Correctional Center. He found that among other issues, short staffing led to a host of problems, forcing the prison to cut services for recreation, mental health, reintegration, and even basic maintenance and... Read more
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China's First Anti-domestic Violence Law
Domestic Violence has always been an extremely severe social problem in China.(According to a research done by China Law Society, domestic violence happens in 34.7% families, and in 90% domestic violence related cases, victims are women, children, or elderly people that cannot defend themselves against such violence.) However, despite the situation, it took 21 years to finally finish the lengthy... Read more
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What's Behind the Wall?
The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games will soon be held, and the local government is now taking full advantage of this best excuse to spend a lot of money on making the city look better. While the city is busy with building the Olympic Park, it is also doing its best to prevent people who come to visit this city catch a glimpse of the reality of this city. Months ago, the local government... Read more
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Zambian Newspaper Closed by Government
In the middle of the campaign for the general election in Zambia, officials have closed The Post, one of Zambia's most important independent newspapers. Authorities are demanding that the newspaper pay US $6.1 million in late taxes before being allowed to reopen. Amnesty International argues that this demand is simply an excuse to silence journalists who have not been afraid to criticize... Read more
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Women's Rights Were 'On the Brink'
In June 28th, 2016, historic decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt rescued from the brink women’s constitutional right to obtain a safe and legal abortion. It’s a victory and reaffirmation of more protections of abortion rights.Women's rights are on the brink because Texas politicians used deceptive means to deny women what the Constitution protects. In 2013 Texas enacted HB2, a... Read more
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China's Toxic School
A recent school pollution incident in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, has grabbed widepread attention.Changzhou Foreign Languages School is the best middle school in Changzhou City. Several months earlier, the municipal government of Changzhou relocated the school, choosing a site across a field that was previously owned by a chemical plant. Since over two months ago, the whole block has... Read more
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Pope Brings 12 Syrian Refugees to Rome
After a visit to the Greek island of Lesbos, where Pope Francis met with refugees at the Moria detention facility, the Pope brought twelve refugees back to Rome. The three families, who were selected through a lottery, will be relocated in the Vatican city. The Pope has said that European countries must implement policies to assist migrants, stating that they have a "responsibility of... Read more
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Turkey Accused of Firing at Syrian Refugees
Yesterday, the Turkish government denied accusations that Turkish border guards had fired on Syrian refugees in the "safe zone" between Aleppo and the Turkish border. According to Human Rights Watch, a displaced Syrian reported that guards had fired on hundreds of people running from ISIS toward the border walls. Over the past year, Turkey has tightened its borders, building a three-meter high... Read more
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U.S. Human Rights Report Condemns Abuses Abroad
On Wednesday, the State Department released its annual report of human rights around the globe. The report claims that human rights conditions are worsening in countries such as Russia and China, where repression of dissidents, journalists, protestors, and religious minorities is rising. The State Department also emphasized the critical nature of the human rights situation in the Middle East,... Read more
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