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European Borders - An Impasse for Refugees?! article "Greece: Chaos erupts at Idomeni border as Balkans routes shut down" by Amnesty International deals with the consequences of blocked borders in Europe. It not only informs the reader about what is happening in Europe to this time and clearly represents the situation at the European borders, it also... Read more
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"Shoot first, ask questions later" - Brazil's 'displacement decathlon' in view of the Olympic Games 2016
Although published one year ago, the article still plays a crucial role uncovering how the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro's favelas are dominated by constant human rights violations. Today, the importance of the abuses against the mainly black, male and poor people is enormous, as we are only five month away from the inauguration of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Due to the fact that... Read more
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French Authorities Destroyed a Refugee Camp in Calais
"I am searching for freedom in Europe but I find none!" On March 1, French law enforcement entered a refugee camp called "The Jungle" in Calais with the intent of destroying it. Resistance from residents and protesters led to violent clashes. As of now there is no alternative housing for all refugees from the camp. "As millions of refugees and migrants flee their war-torn countries in search... Read more
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European Refugee Crisis: A ‘Systematic’ Violation of Human Rights The article "European Refugee Crisis: A ´Systematic´ Violation of Human Rights" written by Krishnadev Calamur and published in "The Atlantic" is about the refugee crisis in Europe and especially the human rights violations of the Czech Republic with regard to the refugees coming... Read more
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Migrant crisis: EU to unveil emergency aid plan
The EU's European Commission announced a plan for spending 700 million euros in humanitarian aid over the next 3 years. This would be the first time such funding is distributed to the UN instead of national governments. The aim is to help overburdened states, especially Greece. "The European Union is preparing to spend hundreds of millions of euros on humanitarian aid, as Greece struggles to... Read more
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Who do we mourn for? 3 Black, Muslim young men killed in Indiana.
This story just barely surfaced on social media this Saturday. The lack of media coverage and the contrast of response from different communities has left a lot of people enraged. Comparing this shooting to the mass shooting that occured this past week, and the Chapel Hill shooting from last year, it is clear that being Black and Muslim renders these boys unimportant to the media. 
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More than 500,000 people homeless in the United States: report
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This is not a “European crisis,” it’s a Syrian crisis
A human rights expert on why we’re only now paying attention to a decades-old global refugee crisis, and what you can do
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Yemen: the devastation of a nation, largely ignored
By Stephen Twigg The Guardian We are waiting to see when we will die” – the words of a resident of the besieged city of Taiz in Yemen, retold by a British Yemeni at a meeting with cross-party MPs in Westminster last week. Taiz has been under siege by rebels for months, cut off from humanitarian aid, with no electricity, no schools, and where the vast majority of health facilities have... Read more
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