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Malcom X's Daughter on Activism Today
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Malcom X's Daughter on Activism Today

Malcom X's daughter, ILYASAH SHABAZZ, writes about her father's legacy of activism and action, and postulates what he would think of activism and activists today, particularly the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Ferguson actions taken recently. She criticizes "hashtag activism" and writes that her father would encourage more direct action, as well as taking positions of power "inside the system and out." Comment below with whether you agree or disagree with Shabazz's assessment of today's activism.

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth is a member-led, multi-racial community organization working to create a city of hope, opportunity, and justice for all children and all families in San Francisco. Their work centers around advocacy for quality public schools for all children, affordable family housing, good jobs for youth and low-income youth families, fair tax policies, and civic engagement.

US Human Rights Network

For those who are interested in learning about domestic human rights movements happening in the United States, the US Human Rights Network is a great place to start (as suggested by Professor Vargas in class this week). One of its principles is human rights movements must be led by those directly affected by human rights violations, a very people-centered approach that I think is mindful and should be replicated by other human rights groups.

Jailing Americans for Profit: The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex

Repost from the Huffington Post:

By John W. Whitehead
Attorney, President of The Rutherford Institute, and author of 'A Government of Wolves'

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