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Venezuela re-opens borders amid economic crisis
The Venezulan president has reopened the borders between Venezuela and Colombia, to supplement the needs of its citizens who can no longer buy food and clothing because of the recent economic crisis. The border was closed prior to this because of several cases of smugling a variety of items such as drugs and weapons,and although some have been crossing the border through illegal means, such as... Read more
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Chinese Olympian Breaks Barrier
Every woman at some point or another will get their period- it is a coming of age, a natural, biological occurrence. And yet, to discuss it, or mention it as a woman is seen as "dirty" or "inappropriate". In both sports and in China, the words "menstration cycle" have a negative taboo. In fact, tampon and pad commercials have been banned from playing. Furthermore, tampons are rarely sold as they... Read more
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Man Shot by Anti-Arab Neighbor
In Tulsa, a Muslim-American man was shot and killed by his neighbor. Horrifyingly enough, this was not the first time the family experienced such run-ins with this neighbor. Earlier, he had ran over another family member with his car, causing her to end up in critical condition in the hospital. Reportedly, he called the family names, stating, "You dirty Arabs, get out of here." While this... Read more
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GMO Mosquito - A violation of human rights?
For the last five years, the biotechnology company Oxitec has been developing a plan to experimentally release GMO mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, which scientists hope could eventually impede the spread of the Zika virus. However, there has been much community uproar in the Keys due to a perceived violation of human rights. As a community member states: “It’s about human rights – this... Read more
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Venezuela's Crisis: Feed them cake, Mr. President?
The country only has $11.9 billion in 2016 reserves left in it central bank. In 2011 before, they had $30 billion. Experts predict they only have up two years before the country is out of money, and that means the country will only continue to damage its own human dignity. .Despite sitting on top of one of the world’s largest oil reserves, it is unlikely Venezuela will be able to covers its own... Read more
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Nauru: Australia's asylum seeker prison
“Assaults, sexual abuse, self-harm, inhuman conditions – over 2,000 newly leaked reports paint a sordid picture of Australia’s offshore refugee detention operations on the Pacific island of Nauru.” By forcibly transferring refugees and people seeking asylum to Nauru, detaining them for prolonged periods in inhuman conditions, denying them appropriate medical care, and in other ways... Read more
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Aung San Suu Kyi Takes First Steps in Combatting the Persecution of the Rohingya People
21st July 2016Aung San Suu Kyi has finally taken the first steps to address the oppression of the Rohingya people, Myanmar's Muslim minority community, often referred to as the "most persecuted minority in the world". Their persecution is widely considered to be bordering genocide. She has set up a task force for combatting religious violence and has made legal threats against Buddhist terrorist... Read more
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South Sudanese Refugees Flee to Uganda
26th July 2016The volatile security situation in South Sudan has resulted in approximately 37,000 refugees fleeing to Uganda, with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) voicing serious concerns regarding violence. UNHCR is taking an active role to support Uganda as refugee centers struggle to cope with the influx due to limited capacity. They are currently attempting to... Read more
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Uganda's Military Court Begins Prosecutions for Human Rights Violations in Somalia
4th August 2016Court proceedings pertaining to human rights abuses including sexual exploitation and indiscriminate civilian killings in Somalia have begun in public hearings before Uganda's military court, with media coverage. This is an important step towards increased transparency and helps to put concerns over the fairness of the trial at rest. However, other involved regional actors that... Read more
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